Top 5 FAQs

Does the Office of Legal Affairs provide personal legal advice to Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff?
No. The Office of Legal Affairs' role is to provide legal services to Georgia Tech and therefore Legal Affairs does not provide legal advice or representation to individual Georgia Tech students, faculty or staff for personal matters. If you are interested in finding an attorney to represent you in a personal matter, the Georgia Bar may be able to assist you. You can contact them at 404-527-8700.

Who owns the intellectual property that I develop at Georgia Tech?
Intellectual property developed at Georgia Tech is generally owned by the Georgia Tech Research Corporation or Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation under an agreement with the Board of Regents. The Georgia Tech Intellectual Property Policy defines in detail your rights with respect to ownership and royalties.

What intellectual property issues does Legal Affairs review?
Legal Affairs does not routinely review intellectual property provisions in research contracts. We review intellectual property issues only when we are asked to do so by the Office of Industry Engagement.

What should I do if I arrive at a sponsor's office for a meeting regarding a research project or proposal and they refuse to let me participate unless I sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or if I need an NDA for a meeting tomorrow?
Contact the Office of Exchange Agreements immediately or visit their website

What happens if I am sued for some action or served with a subpoena related to the performance of my job?
Please contact the Office of Legal Affairs immediately. If you are sued or served with a subpoena for actions you took in the scope of your employment, then ordinarily you will be defended by the Georgia Attorney General's office. If any judgment is entered against you for actions undertaken in the scope of your employment, it will be covered by the State of Georgia's self-insurance coverage. For specific details on insurance coverage, you should contact the Georgia Tech Office of Insurance and Claims Management.

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