Georgia Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse - FAQ

How has the Georgia mandatory reporting of child abuse law changed?
Before the Georgia law was updated, the law applied only to certain categories of people who routinely had contact with children, such as doctors, teachers and social workers. Georgia’s statute has been revised to expand its scope beyond those limited categories of mandated reporters to now include both volunteers and employees on campuses such as ours.

The Georgia mandatory reporting of child abuse statute applies to any employee or volunteer at Georgia Tech who knows about child abuse, or has good-faith reason to suspect that someone has committed child abuse, either on or off campus. This duty to report applies to Georgia Tech student volunteers, faculty members, and coaches, among others.

Who is considered a child?
“Child” means any person under the age of 18.

What is considered child abuse?
Sexual abuse, non-accidental physical injury, and neglect are forms of child abuse to report.

How do I report child abuse?
If you see, hear about, or know about possible child abuse through a Georgia Tech program, either on or off campus, you must take the following steps:

1. You must immediately contact the Georgia Tech Police Department by calling 404-894-2500


2. You must inform your supervisor, program director, or Georgia Tech official.

Georgia law has a prescribed statewide reporting process. To make this easier, the Georgia Tech Police Department will navigate the system for you after you give them specific information for the report. Reports can be made confidentially (to the extent provided by state law).

What about reporting other forms of abuse, discrimination or harassment?
This communication deals only with child abuse as defined in Georgia’s mandatory reporting statute. Georgia Tech has policies and procedures to address other forms of abuse, discrimination, and harassment. For more information, please contact Georgia Tech’s Title IX Coordinator Burns Newsome (404-385-5151 /

If you have any other questions, please call the Georgia Tech Office of Legal Affairs at (404) 894-4812 or email us at