Software Licenses

The Office of Legal Affairs reviews all licenses for software being purchased or licensed for use at Georgia Tech. When a particular piece of software requires a license, you should forward the license to Legal Affairs for review, negotiation and signature. If the agreement provides for a license fee, we will need a copy of the signed Purchase Order before we can sign the license. Many software licenses contain one or more of the following provisions, which are a problem for Georgia Tech, as a state entity: 1) governing law of any state other than Georgia; 2) indemnification; 3) limitation of remedies; 4) multi-year term; 5) penalties for late payment/interest payments; 6) perpetual confidentiality obligations even if the software enters the public domain; 7) release of company from liability for direct damages caused by the software; 8) arbitration; and 9) any warranties and/or guaranties required to be provided by Georgia Tech. We are usually successful in negotiating these provisions out. Once the license is signed, a copy will be provided to you.