Exports FAQ

What is an Export?

In simple terms, an export is a transfer or disclosure of items, materials, information, software, technology or other unclassified but restricted data to any person outside the U.S. (including a U.S. citizen abroad).  "Exports" include verbal communication, transfer of written documents, and transfer of U.S. computer software to a foreign national whether in the U.S. or abroad if the technology is controlled by export regulations.  It is also possible to commit a "deemed export" if there is a release of technology or code to a foreign national within the U.S.  In this context, a "release" is making technology or software available to non-U.S. persons, either visually, orally, or by practice or application under guidance of persons with knowledge of the technology or software.  This includes "use technology" -- information on the operation, installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul AND refurbishing of controlled equipment.  A "release" requires all six elements and access to a proprietary manual.  For more information on exports, please consult the Georgia Tech Export website.